Loft Conversion Finance

We generally work on a staged payment policy, which means you only pay for work you have seen completed. We allow you to hold back a percentage of the monies until the final sign-off by the Building Inspector and you are 100% satisfied with our work.

We can take payment by any method including credit cards, except for Amex.

We can provide general advice on finance and remortgages if needed and have included a loan calculator so you can easily work our what a re-mortgage may cost.

Stage Payments example

Here is a typical example of our staged payment for loft conversion building work:

  1. 7.5% deposit to book project plus half architect fee (balance on completion of calcs).
  2. 22.5% on erection of scaffolding and delivery of materials.
  3. 15% when structural steel and floor is installed.
  4. 15% when dormer frame and 1st fix is completed.
  5. 10% after insulation is completed.
  6. 5% when plasterboarded.
  7. 5% when plastered.
  8. 10% after 2nd Fix electrics and plumbing completed.
  9. 5% Fire doors installed or smoke alarms in all rooms complete.
  10. 2.5% all snagging complete.
  11. 2.5% Completion of project, Verbal approval by building inspector and electrical certificate.

We can also offer a Deposit Protection Scheme and Insurance Back Guarantee through




Loan calculator:

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